Players Stories

Be inspired by our players’ stories and start exercising today…

Michelle's story

I’ve never considered myself active in sport. All the exercise I could get was just occasional golf sessions with my husband and my irregular Pilates classes. Two years ago, I moved into a new neighbourhood surrounded by lots of greenery and a nice little park with a badminton court beside the children’s’ playground

Macy's story

I have always been a racket game sportswoman. I love playing sports that require “cool-looking gear”, such as rackets or paddles to hit the ball with (Badminton, Squash, Tennis, Ping pong, Golf, and of course, Pickleball). I prefer these sports comparing to sport that requires me to hit it with my hand.

Jolene's story

Before I started playing pickleball, I was a couch potato who loathes to exercise. When I moved into a new home, there was a lovely park with a playground and a swing set. During our first week at our new home, I went over to our neighbour’s house to introduce ourselves. I spotted a paddle with the word “pickleball” on a shelf.

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