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    Neoprene Pickleball Paddle Cover 2.0

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    The Neoprene Paddle Cover 2.0 is a snazzier version of its little sister, the Neoprene Paddle Cover. This version has a slightly wider body to better accommodate every size of paddle and a wider mouth as well.  The zipper is only on the right side of the cover making it easy to remove your paddle when it’s time to play.


    The Neoprene Paddle Cover 2.0 is made of a quality material which works to protect the body of your paddle from scrapes, bruises and discolorations. Of course, it won’t protect it from being dropped or hit forcefully, so treat your paddle with care even in the cover. This cover measures 10” wide and just about 12” long, so it can fit just about every paddle.


    The Neoprene Paddle Cover 2.0 is a great buy for those who want their paddles to stay in tip-top shape for as long as possible.


  • Gamma Lite Pickleball Grip

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    The Gamma Lite Pickleball Grip is sure to be a hit among pickleball players. This lightweight grip is specifically cut for the exact length needed for a pickleball paddle handle, so cutting off extra grip is no longer necessary. This grip is ready for application from the moment it arrives. Little perforations scattered throughout the entirety of the grip soak up any sweat that may possibly interfere with your pickleball playing, thus greatly increasing your handle on the paddle. It also features a slightly tacky surface helping keep the paddle in your hand.


    The Gamma Lite Pickleball Grip is a great way to add a little bit of thickness to the handle of your paddle without increasing the circumference too much. This black, comparatively thin grip is designed to increase control and traction.



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