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  • X-26 Performance Indoor Pickleball by Franklin – 10 balls Pack (Price includes postage)

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    Cheapest and easiest way to order your favourite pickleball.  Each SmartPac box comes with 10 Franklin X-26 Performance Indoor Pickleball.  Prices inclusive of postage charges.

    The postman will delivers SmartPac to recipient’s doorstep. If unsuccessful, postman will deliver to letterbox instead.  You can track your SmartPac delivery on or SingPost mobile app.  It is the fastest and secure to order your balls online.


    The X-26 Performance Indoor Pickleball is a supremely durable ball that uses high quality EVA material for an exceptional bounce and responsive feel. The 26 holes are beveled so that the ball flies true in the air and maintains balance. The seamless construction contributes to many hours of solid play on the courts and eliminates the risk of early breakage.

    The X-26 Performance Indoor Pickleball is USAPA-approved for indoor tournament play. It has a 26 gram weight and 74 mm diameter. The bright colors make it highly visible regardless of lighting and court conditions whether you’re playing on a gym floor, standard finishing or concrete.

    The X-26 Performance Indoor Pickleball is a consistent and long-lasting choice for players who want an adaptable and officially-sanctioned ball.



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