Pickleball Gears

Pickleball Gears

In terms of sportswear, any comfortable clothing is suitable, such a jog bottoms or shorts, and t-shirts or polo shirts. Some players prefer to wear traditional tennis attire. However if you are part of a group or club, you may wish to order matching uniforms for each member.

Each player requires a pickleball paddle, which is similar to a ping-pong paddle, only with a larger ‘face’. The most common types of paddles are wooden, composite and graphite paddles. Depending on individual preference of play, players usually select their paddle based on its weight, paddle face size and cost.

You will also need a net and a ball. The plastic ball travels at a much slower speed than a tennis ball and it takes lesser strength to bring it across. We provide balls for both outdoor and indoor play.

Our online store offers a wide range of paddles for kids, the enthusiasts and the experts and all the other accessories needed to start your game.


Depending on the manufacturer, graphite paddles tend to weigh slightly less. The weight difference is so small it isn’t even noticeable in most of the paddles. Some players state that a graphite paddle offers them more control. Some players state the ball pops off the paddle faster with a composite paddle and prefer the popping sound that comes from the paddle when hitting the ball.

Looking for more power? Select a heavy-weight or super-heavy-weight paddle. Power is all about weight. The heavier the paddle, the more power you have. Composite Prolite Power and Composite Onix Signature are your perfect choice!


Looking to improve control? Select a light-weight or middle-weight paddle with a smaller head size. Control is all about maneuverability and quick responses. Be lighting-fast with a lighter, smaller paddle.


When buying your 1st paddle, we will recommend a medium weight paddle with an oversize paddle shape. Both graphite or composite are perfect choice.

Here are our recommendations :


Are you a hard hitter or light hitter? It affects the speed in which the paddle is moving when hitting the ball.

Hard Hitters prefer a lighter paddle. Light hitters prefer a heavier paddle.

A heavier paddle will allow you to use the paddles weight when returning the ball. A heavier paddle doesn’t require a harder swing… a lighter paddle will require a faster and harder swing to return the ball.

Weight is the most important factor when choosing a paddle. Pickleball paddles can range from 6 to 14 ounces. Most composite or graphite paddles weigh from 7 to 9 ounces. Weight influences how a paddle feels when you pick it up and swing it on the court.

For someone without pre-existing injuries, your choice of paddle weight is entirely up to your personal fitness level and comfort. A heavier paddle will help you to drive the ball, and to control the ball when it contacts the paddle. However, be aware that the heaviness of the paddle also accelerates fatigue in your arm, and can strain your elbow. Conversely, a paddle that is too light may not provide enough drive and may reduce ball control.

Wood paddles are the least expensive, however they are extremely heavy with a solid plywood core. They don’t provide the wonderful pickleball POP that players love.

After playing with the wood paddles and testing out other players’ composite paddles, our customers often call us to place a second order for a composite or graphite paddle.

If you’re new to pickleball and looking for your first paddle, go for a composite or graphite right away.

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